Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Release your Soul - Praveen Jay December Podcast

When Life gets too hectic we often feel that the whole world is on our Shoulders. We try to smile yet it's fake. Being with our loved ones we try to leave the pain outside and keep going on. But when even our loved ones aren't by our side when we need them the most, when we have no one to relate to, when there's no one to hold our hands and offer us a shoulder to lay on and cry.. Music is the only thing that can relate to every move in our Life.

When the tears starts to overflow, and we have no way of wiping them off.. the Divine music from up above wipes it away with the melody that melts your soul and heals your heavy heart. They say love is unconditional but at one point when that love leaves you under some Condition or the other, we sit and think how that unconditional love turned out to be.

Forget the world around you and Live your life. Keep your loved ones Close and keep the ones who Really love you Closer. When life plays the game of unpredictable feelings, Don't take life for granted as we only end up losing what we valued the most.

Beautiful tunes of Melodic / Vocal Trance to uplift you and take you Higher.
This is my Official December Podcast for all my loving friends and fans.

So feel the music.. Let the divine take over your heart and "Release your Soul" :)

"You always have to Lose something to Gain something new.. But if you still Value what you had and keep it Closer while your about to achieve something new.. You would never Lose either of em"

- Praveen Jay :)

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