Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crossroads to Heaven - Podcast May 2011

The divine essence of music comes from up above. Having the ability of relating to every part of our life, Music brings the right people together when u least expect it. Having so much in common and not even being aware of it.. music becomes the path of connection to bring peoples lives together. Taking us to imaginary places with it's power to heal, sooth and awaken our soul.. Making Distance become smaller and Hearts become closer.. Music creates the most beautiful moments in our life.

Here's my official podcast for the month of May 2011. Taking you to a place between heaven and earth. It's an infusion of the inner soul and music :)

"an infusion of divine music takes over the world
as my mind reaches out to a place we long to be"

Enjoy dancing at the Crossroads to Heaven
Praveen Jay :)

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