Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Release your Soul - Praveen Jay December Podcast

When Life gets too hectic we often feel that the whole world is on our Shoulders. We try to smile yet it's fake. Being with our loved ones we try to leave the pain outside and keep going on. But when even our loved ones aren't by our side when we need them the most, when we have no one to relate to, when there's no one to hold our hands and offer us a shoulder to lay on and cry.. Music is the only thing that can relate to every move in our Life.

When the tears starts to overflow, and we have no way of wiping them off.. the Divine music from up above wipes it away with the melody that melts your soul and heals your heavy heart. They say love is unconditional but at one point when that love leaves you under some Condition or the other, we sit and think how that unconditional love turned out to be.

Forget the world around you and Live your life. Keep your loved ones Close and keep the ones who Really love you Closer. When life plays the game of unpredictable feelings, Don't take life for granted as we only end up losing what we valued the most.

Beautiful tunes of Melodic / Vocal Trance to uplift you and take you Higher.
This is my Official December Podcast for all my loving friends and fans.

So feel the music.. Let the divine take over your heart and "Release your Soul" :)

"You always have to Lose something to Gain something new.. But if you still Value what you had and keep it Closer while your about to achieve something new.. You would never Lose either of em"

- Praveen Jay :)

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tune of Bombay (Praveen Jay Bootleg)

Taking you all into a Dark Gloomy world this time with my new Bootleg. Something entirely different from my precious projects this one stands apart from the rest. From the success of my earlier bootleg "The Dark Rose" i chose to do one more tune with a much Deep / Dark vibe.

From the Classic Indian Hit Movie "Bombay" comes this Dark remake of it's theme tune in the flick. The heart melting Flute interlude combined with my Deep sounds of dark progressive. This one is definitely a treat for all the Deep House lovers. The track carries a tune of Sorrow and Emotion. It touches you deep inside with the deep vibe of the Classic flute.

So Close your eyes.. Turn the music up and enjoy the tune :)

Praveen Jay :)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lost Shadow - A Melodic / Vocal Trance Divine

Our life is mainly based on two things. Love and Hate. These are the two feelings that influence us on making most of the decisons in life. In a world where we strive to survive, we make hasty decisions that make us sit alone at one point in life and think back to regret.

We love, we hate.. We Laugh and We cry.. We stand together, We go apart, We dream and we live. If we look at each other how we look at ourselves, the word HATE would never Exist. Love the other just the way you love yourself. Trust the one you are in love with and hold their hand with Faith.

I took a ride to this Music store up in Heaven and asked the angel there that i need some music to make everyone feel the Love. There i carefully chose these beautiful tunes, Nothing but pure Divine. Feel the love of Vocal Trance and let the Melody take you to a world where there is only Love, Faith, Trust and Beauty.

This mix is for everyone who is in love and out of love. For those who want to love, who lost their love and those who are waiting to get back with their love.

Life is all about Now or Never. So if you want to love or let someone know you love them, Do it now. If you want to get back with your lost love, you got to do it Now. thinking that time will handle it or keeping it for later might make you lose that love forever. Because tomorrow might never Exist.

The only Language is this Universe that everybody understands is Music.
The only Feeling in this Universe that everyone wants to hold is Love.

Losing our true Love is like losing our own Shadow... Let's not lose it and then look for the 'Lost Shadow' Speak the Language of Music and Feel the Joy of Love !!

Live, Love and Laugh.. It's a parallel universe :)

Praveen Jay

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Tiesto vs Above & Beyond - Love comes at Anjuna Beach (Praveen Jay Mash Up)

Tiesto vs Above & Beyond - Love Comes at Anjuna Beach (Praveen Jay Mash Up)

This is an exclusive mash up of Two of the Most anticipated Trance tunes of all time from the most wanted Trance artists, Tiesto and Above & Beyond. Pumped up with Samples and effects this one's sure to be a Banger to all you Trance Lovers.

So pump up the Volume.. Let your stereo Explode...
Let's take a Journey to the other End of Consciousness !!!

Enjoy the tune...
Praveen Jay :)

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Monday, November 1, 2010

"I will be the Same" - Inspired by the story of my Life

Not just a Mix tape.. Something very special for my special some one.. My lost love.. This one is just to tell her how i really feel about her.. and will feel forever..

Inspired by the true story of my life.. An episode of my life.. the First and last episode that i will live.. Expressing the feelings of a broken heart trying to explain itself but keeps failing every single time.. I bring you my very personal mix tape hoping my music will reach where my voice couldn't.. It's all about lost love, Hope and second chances..

Since music has the power to heal, sooth and awaken our soul.. it should also have the power to fix a broken heart and re-unite a broken bond :)

Top rated tunes specially hand picked by me to bring out this beautiful piece of heavenly art.. A combination of Melodic Trance and Progressive House.. Enjoy the mix guys !!

"Although time will carry on.. and everything will change..
you can know that I will be the same.."

- Praveen Jay

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Friday, October 29, 2010


"The Butterfly Effect"

Here's something special peeps...
For the First time Praveen Jay & Manesh Mendez team up for an Exclusive mix tape.

We decided to take you on a Ride this time.. Something different and something you gotta feel from deep inside.. you gotta have it in you.. Let the soul tripping vibes of pure Techno awaken your Soul.

Praveen Jay's Birthday is coming up so here's the Birthday treat...
Only for those who can handle it!

Enjoy and Fly High "like a butterfly"
Big Love peeps :)

Praveen Jay & Manesh A Mendez

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

VAMPIRISM - Halloween 2010

Halloween just got spookier and it's time to trip ur brains off !!!

This is my Mix tape for October 2010. A massacring Ride of Techno tunes.
So need i say more.. Here's my exclusive Halloween present for y'all !!!

Feel Free to leave a Comment...
Enjoy and Fly High

Praveen Jay

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phunk Investigation - The Dark Rose (Praveen Jay Bootleg)

This is something entirely Different from my earlier projects. A new attempt in the Genre of Dark Minimal.. Hope you guys like it.. Please do leave a comment :)

Resembling the deep sorrows of a mind that has lost all hope and looking for a way of light. This is a Deep and Mysterious tune. A Dark Minimal Track adding up with a beautiful classic Indian Female Vocal Humming. The Classic Indian Voice clashing with them Dark Minimal Beats makes us lose our mind into a world of lost hope and Mystery.

Enjoy the Tune..

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ellie Goulding vs Swedish House Mafia - Starry Eyed One (Praveen Jay Mash-up)

A Mash up of two chart buster tracks on the top line of 2010.

:::::::: STARRY EYED ONE :::::::::

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed vs Swedish House Mafia - Number One

Praveen Jay Exclusive Mash-up 2010

'Number One' An Uplifting Form of Progressive House track from Swedish House Mafia built with the Beautiful Vocal's of UK's top featured Artist Ellie Goulding with her Hit single "Starry Eyed"

Enjoy the track and feel free to leave your comments.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

D.A.R.K - The Deep Arena of Restless Kaos

Hey peeps.. This is my Mix tape for September 2010. A combination of Dark and Minimal Techno tunes that will Make you trip off your brains until you drop. Guaranteed!

Wanna hear me spin them beats on the deck.. Catch me live at MIAMI BEACH CLUB on the 11th of September at the Beach House and also at the most notorious GIG of the year AREA 51 at Casa Colombo on the 25th September 2010.

Enjoy the mix peeps...
Praveen Jay :)

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Mistaken Identity (Praveen Jay Bootleg)

Wola peeps...

This time i bring you something totally different from what i usually Give you.

It's not a mix tape.. My First official Debut Bootleg. It's a Kind of Progressive clashing with Tech House kind of Remix of the Original soothing progressive track 'Mistaken Identity'

It's not for Downloads because i will be Launching it soon with a couple of my other bootlegs yet to come. So play it.. Pump up the Volume... Enjoy the Ride.. This one's sure to make you Dance and trip !!!


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Praveen Jay

Monday, July 19, 2010

SOLSTICE - when the sun stands still in summer

Howzit all going peeps !!!
It's been quite a while init.. So here i am with something new and different.

'SOLSTICE" - when the sun stands still in summer

Finding the name Different..?? So is the mix :)

My last mix "Break of Dawn' was soul soothing to welcome summer in style.. Now it's getting hotter and it's time to party hard so i decided to take you all to a whole new world.. A world of my own. Hot brand new Progressive Tech tunes pumped up with my own samples just the way i like to spin it.

Featuring tracks from -
► Jerry Ropero
► Alex Gaudino
► Tom Novy
► Delirium

And a few more top Artist of all time... this one is guaranteed to drive you Insane..

So pump up the volume.. enjoy the mix...
Dance and trip till you drop.. this is my Mid summer present to all my friends and fans :)

Praveen Jay

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Break of Dawn - Progressive Beach Sensation

'Break of Dawn' is a smooth soul uplifting musical sensation. Sit by the beach on a relaxing early morning as the sun prepares itself to Rise and light up the sky. Between the last breath of the night and the Break of Dawn, these are the beats that touch your soul while your mind forgets everything around.

After the tripping ride i took you all on last time with 'Narcotic Insanity'.. this time i decided to sooth your soul with some relaxing Progressive tunes as i tend to put a smile on everyone's face who listens to it.

So turn the music up.. Sit back and Relax.. Enjoy the soothing journey!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


'Narcotic Insanity'

The name of the mix gives quite a deep description about what you will be listening to. This time it's all about the Dark deep side of music. In this mix i have focused mainly on 2 things...

Tripping and
Tripped out Dancing

Starting off with some of the most tripping Minimal beats. Smooth and skull scraping. In the first half of the mix you will be tripping. Maybe will be taken to another world of your own. I tend to bring back memories. And in the second half of the mix, you will be dancing like crazy. We call this Tripped out Dancing.

Unlike my previous mixes, I've used some creative mix methods in this mix which you all may find quite amusing. Some might even find it freaky. This is something more than just a mix tape.

So peeps, Turn the music up.. Wear your seat belts and get ready....
Tripping has never been this much fun !!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

- FIRED UP - The heat of Dirty Tribal

Hey peeps.... Thought of taking you guys on a wild Journey this time...This is a Perfect blend of Dirty House and Progressive tribal Vibes from my 2010 top 10 Favorite track list on this genre of house. Mixed with Samples just the way i like to pump up ma beats. Got some tracks in there that every one's gonna love..

Featuring tracks from...
- Edward Maya
- Armin Van Burren
- Nadia Ali
- And Much more...

This mix created history not only in Colombo but also in other countries as it reached the highest amount of plays and downloads in just 7 days in total. It was a record on the site for the first time. That's why you find 2 download links below. One was the first page which the download button was disabled due to the restriction on Soundcloud as it only allows 100 downloads per track. The track is still available on the first link for 'LISTENING' purpose only!

But due to great demand i uploaded the mix for the second time on Soundcloud. So now you can download the mix again by clicking on the second link given below.

So turn the music up... Pump up the Volume... What ever you can call it...
But just prepare yourself for a power packed wild Ride...

click here to Listen online on Soundcloud

click here to Download the original mix

New Download Link for the Mix - Click here to Download

Friday, March 19, 2010


Praveen Jay rocking the crowd at Hallucination II - Reloaded
19th March 2010 at 12.30 a.m.
With a packed crowd of over 450 people in the club.
Rated as one of the best events of the year.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Vibes of Hallucination - The official mix 01

'HALLUCINATION' is one of the most spoken about and happening chain of events that rocked Colombo in 2009/2010. Known as the 'Festival of House Music'

The first episode of Hallucination was held at Shine | Dance Lounge on the 30th of October 2009 and kicking back with the Second massive Episode 'Hallucination II - Reloaded' on the 19th of March 2010.

This mix is the first episode of the HALLUCINATION Official Mix sessions. This mix includes my top ten favorite Progressive and Minimal tech beats pumped up just the way i like to spin it. So wear your seat belts, pump up the volume and enjoy the ride. It's time to get tripping!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Groove till you Grave

An ultimate Electro house mix tape. Blending the finest tunes of Electro and commercial Dance house. Mainly focusing on the kind house music that everyone would like to dance.
Pumped up and mixed just the way i like to spin them. Enjoy the mix !

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