Monday, November 1, 2010

"I will be the Same" - Inspired by the story of my Life

Not just a Mix tape.. Something very special for my special some one.. My lost love.. This one is just to tell her how i really feel about her.. and will feel forever..

Inspired by the true story of my life.. An episode of my life.. the First and last episode that i will live.. Expressing the feelings of a broken heart trying to explain itself but keeps failing every single time.. I bring you my very personal mix tape hoping my music will reach where my voice couldn't.. It's all about lost love, Hope and second chances..

Since music has the power to heal, sooth and awaken our soul.. it should also have the power to fix a broken heart and re-unite a broken bond :)

Top rated tunes specially hand picked by me to bring out this beautiful piece of heavenly art.. A combination of Melodic Trance and Progressive House.. Enjoy the mix guys !!

"Although time will carry on.. and everything will change..
you can know that I will be the same.."

- Praveen Jay

Click here to Listen Online / Download the Mix

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