Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lost Shadow - A Melodic / Vocal Trance Divine

Our life is mainly based on two things. Love and Hate. These are the two feelings that influence us on making most of the decisons in life. In a world where we strive to survive, we make hasty decisions that make us sit alone at one point in life and think back to regret.

We love, we hate.. We Laugh and We cry.. We stand together, We go apart, We dream and we live. If we look at each other how we look at ourselves, the word HATE would never Exist. Love the other just the way you love yourself. Trust the one you are in love with and hold their hand with Faith.

I took a ride to this Music store up in Heaven and asked the angel there that i need some music to make everyone feel the Love. There i carefully chose these beautiful tunes, Nothing but pure Divine. Feel the love of Vocal Trance and let the Melody take you to a world where there is only Love, Faith, Trust and Beauty.

This mix is for everyone who is in love and out of love. For those who want to love, who lost their love and those who are waiting to get back with their love.

Life is all about Now or Never. So if you want to love or let someone know you love them, Do it now. If you want to get back with your lost love, you got to do it Now. thinking that time will handle it or keeping it for later might make you lose that love forever. Because tomorrow might never Exist.

The only Language is this Universe that everybody understands is Music.
The only Feeling in this Universe that everyone wants to hold is Love.

Losing our true Love is like losing our own Shadow... Let's not lose it and then look for the 'Lost Shadow' Speak the Language of Music and Feel the Joy of Love !!

Live, Love and Laugh.. It's a parallel universe :)

Praveen Jay

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